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One Lawn at a Time

Discover the art of perfect landscaping with Metro Lawn Rehab Co. We specialize in crafting bespoke outdoor spaces that reflect your unique style. Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing your home’s outdoor appeal.

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clean and green lawn installation and premium sod service

Elevate the health and appearance of your lawn with our comprehensive sod services. We provide expert sod installation and removal, ensuring your lawn stays lush and vibrant. Our experienced team meticulously prepares the ground and lays high-quality sod for an instant green makeover. Whether you're starting from scratch or renovating your existing lawn, our sod services are the perfect solution for a beautiful, healthy yard.

service irrigation system

From setting up new systems to keeping them running smoothly, and fixing leaks fast, we've got the skills to make sure your yard stays perfectly watered – no stress, no mess. Our crew's great at putting in the latest sprinkler tech, keeping them in tip-top shape, and sorting out any leak or part swap-outs in a jiffy. Pick us, and you can relax knowing your garden's getting just the right amount of water, every time.

grub treatment of damaged lawn and soil beside yard entryway
Grub Treatments

Keep your lawn safe from destructive pests with our specialized lawn pest control services. Grubs, a common lawn pest, can cause significant damage by feeding on grass roots. Our effective grub treatments not only eliminate these pests but also prevent future infestations. Rely on our expertise to maintain a healthy, grub-free lawn that remains resilient and beautiful throughout the seasons.

outdoor landscape service

Transform your property into a picturesque oasis with our landscape services. As a leading landscaping company in South Minneapolis, we specialize in creating stunning outdoor spaces tailored to your preferences. From designing serene patios to installing functional retaining walls, our expertise covers a wide range of landscaping needs. Let us help you turn your dream landscape into a reality, enhancing both the beauty and value of your property.

clean and green lawn of a residential house surrounded by landscape plants and trees
Lawn Applications

Optimize your lawn's health and appearance with our professional lawn treatment services. We offer customized treatments, including fertilization and weed control, to match your lawn’s specific needs. Our services ensure your lawn receives the right nutrients and care, promoting lush growth and weed resistance. Trust us to keep your lawn in top condition, enhancing its beauty and vitality all year round.

house covered in snow
Snow Removal

Experience seamless winter seasons with our efficient snow removal services. We specialize in residential snow removal, keeping driveways, sidewalks, and full properties clear and safe. Our team uses gentle yet effective techniques, ensuring minimal impact on your property. Rely on us for prompt, thorough snow clearing, and enjoy a worry-free winter with our reliable snow removal services in South Minneapolis.

Top-Notch Landscaping Services Located in Edina, MN, and Servicing All of South Minneapolis


With 20 years of combined expertise, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to every project, ensuring exceptional results.


Our commitment to honesty and reliability has earned us the trust of the community, making us a go-to for landscaping needs.

Locally Owned

As a business rooted in Edina, MN, we deeply understand local landscaping challenges and preferences, ensuring tailored solutions.

Comprehensive Services

Our wide array of services means we can handle all your outdoor needs under one roof.

Explore Our Full Range of Exceptional Landscaping Services

Metro Lawn Rehab Co provides expert landscaping services located in Edina, MN, and servicing all of south Minneapolis. Our landscape service transforms outdoor areas with custom designs and installations. Sod services ensure your lawn stays lush and healthy. Specialized grub treatments protect your yard from harmful pests. Tailored lawn applications include fertilization and weed control for a pristine lawn. When winter comes, rely on our snow removal services for hassle-free clear paths. For those dealing with irrigation issues, our expertise in lawn irrigation system guarantees a worry-free outdoor experience. Each service is performed with precision and care, ensuring your outdoor space looks its best year-round.

Transform your outdoor space effortlessly with our landscaping company; the only full-service expert in town. We offer an all-inclusive range of services to meet every need. Our dedicated team specializes in creating stunning landscapes, tailored to your vision. Experience the convenience of a single provider for all your landscaping needs. Let us bring your dream garden to life!

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Transform Your Outdoor Space With Our Expertise Today!

Ready to elevate your outdoor space in Edina, MN? Look no further than Metro Lawn Rehab Co for unparalleled landscaping services. Whether you desire a beautifully designed landscape, need reliable sod services, or require thorough lawn pest control, our team is here to deliver. Our 20 years of combined experience ensure your lawn receives the best treatment and care. Don’t let another season pass – reach us today to transform your outdoor area into a personal paradise with our expert landscaping services.


What Our Clients Are Saying


Susan K.


They are finishing this week. The job looks nicely done.



Booie M.


They did a great job of laying sod and cleaning up.



Cathy P.


The crew did a great job with installing sod in our front yard.



Peggy W.


The first to respond. Great communication and friendly. Our service is for mowing only, and they do a great job!



Tom M.


Great experience with the initial sale. Great follow through. Delivered on promises. Dependable team.



Jeff H.


The crew did a great job and the landscaping looks beautiful, I’ll definitely have them back next Spring for phase 2.



Lorie E.


Beautiful sod, very pretty plantings and mulch installed. They were reliable, communicated quickly with us, the job was fairly priced. They went the extra mile, always. We are very happy.



Katie F.


Garrett crew have been amazing. Made my mud yard look great with sod and mulch. Made sure my grading was done correctly to ensure no water on my basement. Removed a concrete slab at very affordable costs. The crew was great and helped answer all my questions. Work was done quickly! Hired them for weekly mowing yard care. Will be hiring them for more projects in the future plus snow removal. Great one stop shop for quality work.



Tanya B.


Just hired Eco Services for this winter snow removal. Since it is the beginning of the season, they have yet to perform any snow clearance. However, the initial conversation with Garrett Olson was very informative and clear. He is very personable and prompt to reply to email and phone messages.



Larry K.


Eco Services offers super quality at a very competitive price. They have always cleared our snow as soon as it stops. I referred two neighbors to Eco Service who were not happy with their current snow service.



Loann G.


As a new client we’ve been extremely pleased with how quick our corner lot sidewalks and driveway were cleared this season. The staff is very thorough and does a very nice job. We couldn’t be more satisfied and would definitely recommend Eco Services.



Juneadele L.


I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they contacted me to set up the snow season contract, answered all my questions, and went out of their way to make sure that there were notes on the contract that both backyard fence gates were closed before they left so that my escape artist Shelties would not get out, causing this little old lady to try and get them back in the yard. I’m much relieved that I’m now ready for the snow season.