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    clean and green lawn installation and premium sod service

    Elevate the health and appearance of your lawn with our comprehensive sod services. We provide expert sod installation and removal, ensuring your lawn stays lush and vibrant. Our experienced team meticulously prepares the ground and lays high-quality sod for an instant green makeover. Whether you're starting from scratch or renovating your existing lawn, our sod services are the perfect solution for a beautiful, healthy yard.

    service irrigation system

    From setting up new systems to keeping them running smoothly, and fixing leaks fast, we've got the skills to make sure your yard stays perfectly watered – no stress, no mess. Our crew's great at putting in the latest sprinkler tech, keeping them in tip-top shape, and sorting out any leak or part swap-outs in a jiffy. Pick us, and you can relax knowing your garden's getting just the right amount of water, every time.

    grub treatment of damaged lawn and soil beside yard entryway
    Grub Treatments

    Keep your lawn safe from destructive pests with our specialized lawn pest control services. Grubs, a common lawn pest, can cause significant damage by feeding on grass roots. Our effective grub treatments not only eliminate these pests but also prevent future infestations. Rely on our expertise to maintain a healthy, grub-free lawn that remains resilient and beautiful throughout the seasons.

    outdoor landscape service

    Transform your property into a picturesque oasis with our landscape services. As a leading landscaping company in South Minneapolis, we specialize in creating stunning outdoor spaces tailored to your preferences. From designing serene patios to installing functional retaining walls, our expertise covers a wide range of landscaping needs. Let us help you turn your dream landscape into a reality, enhancing both the beauty and value of your property.

    clean and green lawn of a residential house surrounded by landscape plants and trees
    Lawn Applications

    Optimize your lawn's health and appearance with our professional lawn treatment services. We offer customized treatments, including fertilization and weed control, to match your lawn’s specific needs. Our services ensure your lawn receives the right nutrients and care, promoting lush growth and weed resistance. Trust us to keep your lawn in top condition, enhancing its beauty and vitality all year round.

    house covered in snow
    Snow Removal

    Experience seamless winter seasons with our efficient snow removal services. We specialize in residential snow removal, keeping driveways, sidewalks, and full properties clear and safe. Our team uses gentle yet effective techniques, ensuring minimal impact on your property. Rely on us for prompt, thorough snow clearing, and enjoy a worry-free winter with our reliable snow removal services in South Minneapolis.