Premium Sod Services in Edina, MN, and South Minneapolis

At Metro Lawn Rehab Co, we take pride in offering top-tier sod services to the residents of Edina, MN, and South Minneapolis. Our expertise in sod installation and removal ensures that your lawn remains vibrant and healthy throughout the year. We understand the importance of a well-maintained lawn, which is why our team is dedicated to providing the best sod services in the area. Whether you’re looking to give your lawn a fresh start with new sod or need expert care to maintain its lushness, we’re here to help.

clean and green lawn installation and premium sod service

Transform Your Lawn With Our Expert Sod Installation and Care

Are you dreaming of a lush, green lawn? Our sod services are the solution. We ensure a seamless and healthy transition for your lawn. Our experienced sod installers use the best techniques for sod maintenance, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty and health. Even if you need sod removal services, our team handles it with precision and care. Choose us for a vibrant, revitalized lawn that enhances your home’s curb appeal and provides a refreshing outdoor space for your family.

Get a Lush, Green Lawn Today With Our Expert Sod Services

Looking for the perfect lawn in Edina, MN? Metro Lawn Rehab Co is your go-to for exceptional sod services. Our team is equipped to handle all your lawn needs. We are experts in both sod installation and removal, ensuring every job is done with the utmost care. Don’t settle for less – elevate your outdoor space with a beautiful, healthy lawn. Reach us today for unmatched sod services and see the difference a professionally cared for lawn can make.